Driving lessons in Wirral

Paul Sharp School of Motoring is based in Wallasey and provides driving lessons throughout the Wirral. We have an excellent first time pass rate.

Paul has been teaching people how to drive since 2005. He’s developed a reputation as one of the best instructors in the Wirral area, giving his pupils both the skills and the confidence they need to be safe on Wirral’s roads.

Nervous pupils are more than welcome. Paul’s laid back and friendly approach allows you to learn easily at your own pace.

We can now offer both Male and Female instructors, and a choice of both diesel and petrol tuition vehicles.

If you want to pass in a hurry, we have a wealth of experience in getting people up to the required standard quickly and effectively.

From absolute beginner to beyond the driving test, Paul Sharp School of Motoring offers a professional service carefully tailored to your needs.

Based in Wallasey, we offer driving lessons in any part of Wirral.


As well as standard driving lessons, Paul Sharp School or Motoring also offers the following services:


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