Better to be straight with people, yes?

I’ve been doing a bit of research. Here’s what I’ve found…

Some driving schools don’t publish their prices anywhere. You have to actually contact them, which gives them the opportunity to do the hard sell.

Some driving schools offer prices “per lesson” rather than “per hour”. If you’re paying £25 per 50 minute lesson, that’s actually £30 per hour. Most local schools in this area have this clearly stated on their websites, but not all of them are up front about it. 50 minute lessons allow instructors to cram more lessons in per day.
I’d rather have a bit more time between lessons, so that I can keep my concentration levels high, and provide as professional a service as possible.

Some of the deals offered are less straightforward than they seem. You get X lessons for £whatever, but some of those lessons have to be taken at the end of your training. If you decide not to carry on with that school, you lose some of the lessons you thought you’d paid for.

Smaller schools tend to be cheaper than the national and large local schools. That’s to be expected. Driving Instructors pay a lot of money each week to these schools, and so they have to charge top dollar to recoup their outgoings.

I tried to make a list of prices and what have you, and on some sites, it wasn’t easy to get the information I was looking for. I did find that we’re among the cheapest.

Our lessons cost £25 per full hour. If you pay for ten hours up front, you get an 11th hour free. You get your first 2 hour lesson for £25.

That’s it. Keep it simple. No hidden extras.

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