Carl now gets a lie in!

This is Carl, from Noctorum. Carl works as a scaffolder in Liverpool. He was having to rely on public transport, which meant leaving his house at around 4 in the morning to get to work for 6. He was looking to pass in a hurry.

He put the time, effort and money in, and passed on his first attempt.

So now he gets a lie-in until 5 in the morning!

First Time Pass for Ashleigh!

Ashleigh was very unsure of herself when she first started learning to drive. So much so that at one point, she put her training on hold for a few months, but she came back to me when she felt ready, and made good progress with her abilities and understanding, and especially with her self confidence.

She passed easily at the first time of asking.

Well done to Amy!

This one was a bit special!

Amy had been learning to drive for a long time, on and off. Despite the best efforts of all concerned, she just couldn’t reverse round corners. The exercise had become a scary and frustrating barrier to her progress, and she managed to wear out of 6 different instructors before she came to me.

Like those other instructors, I tried to teach her to reverse around corners by getting her to reverse around a corner, and quickly found that she just panicked. Another approach was required, so I got her to use an empty car park, and worked on her hand eye co-ordination, first forwards, then backwards. After a while she’d got the idea of looking where she wanted to go, and letting her hands and eyes work together.

We tried this on an actual junction, and it clicked. The look of joy and relief on Amy’s face when she realised that she could now do this was something that makes my job worth doing.

She passed at her first attempt, with just 3 minor faults.

Welcome Helen!


I’ve been looking to take on at least one new instructor for a while, but have chosen to train people to do the job, rather than take on someone already qualified. This is partly because I wouldn’t be comfortable with poaching someone from another school, and partly, mainly in fact, because I know what I’m getting, and can teach people to do the job to the sort of standard I expect from myself.

So I’m pleased to welcome Helen Richards to my school, and would like to give her a decent workload as quickly as I can.

With the addition of Helen, Paul Sharp School of Motoring can now offer a choice of male and female instructors, and a choice of petrol or diesel engined cars.

Contact us here,

or via our facebook page

or call 07923 448657.

The times I work to each day…

Currently, with the exception of early driving tests, the earliest I work is 8am. The latest I work until is 9pm. I work every day of the week, but I try to ensure I get one day off at some point each week.

With the sun setting a little earlier every day, and both my task and that of my pupils being more difficult in the dark, I have decided that in future, I will work only until 8pm, during the winter months, once the clocks have gone back, and will revert to a 9pm finish when the go forward again in the spring.

Apologies to any of my pupils if this change causes any inconvenience.

Christmas Holidays.

I will be taking Chrismas off this year.

I am working up until the end of Tuesday 23rd December, and then will be on holiday until Saturday 3rd January.

Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous 2015 to all my clients!


Congratulations to…

Andy from Seacombe, and Ollie from Egremont, both of who passed first time this week.

It’s been a while since I posted anything to this site. As my diary has been full, there has been no need. This is still the case, but I have other news to post anyway, so it wasn’t in any way a burden!