Congratulations to…

Andy from Seacombe, and Ollie from Egremont, both of who passed first time this week.

It’s been a while since I posted anything to this site. As my diary has been full, there has been no need. This is still the case, but I have other news to post anyway, so it wasn’t in any way a burden!

Instructor Wanted!

Different schools have different approaches. Some claim to get their pupils through quickly. Others offer cheap deals to entice people to learn with them. Paul has built his reputation on an understanding of the emotional and psychological needs of his pupils. Teaching people how to do roundabouts and parallel parking is straightforward. How to give people the confidence they need to overcome their fears is something that few instructors were taught when they trained to do this job. Yet the thing people struggle with most is nerves.

With this approach, this school has built up a good reputation, and we now need the services of another instructor. We think we can give the right person for us a full diary within a month, given the amount of enquiries we are receiving. Because of the demand for our service, we are able to charge slightly higher than the average rate for this area.

We’re looking primarily for someone who is prepared to put coaching skills and the inter-relation between the physical, the intellectual and the emotional at the heart of how they teach.

We’re also looking for someone who can broaden the appeal of our school. If you teach in a petrol engined car, if you’re female, if you teach in an automatic, these are all things that would help us reach out to a wider market. Our prime concern though is quality of tuition.

Are you the right instructor for us? Do get in touch so that we can find out what we can offer each other.

Sorry. We’re full!

There just aren’t enough hours in the day for Paul to give tuition to everyone that wants him to.

Right now, we’re looking for an experienced instructor to take on some of this work. We’re offering the first month franchise free, and given the amount of enquiries coming in, it seems likely that you’ll have a full diary after that time. If you’re a qualified instructor, who would like to be busier, please do get in touch.

For now though, we cannot take on any new clients. To do so would affect the quality of service we’re able to offer our existing pupils.

Notice of Holiday

Paul will be away from the 25th of April until the 2nd of May.

Please feel free to use the contact form on this website if you’d like to get in touch, but we might not get back to you straight away.

Notice of Price Rise

Paul Sharp School of Motoring has been charging £20 per hour for quite a few years now, and in that time, costs such as fuel and insurance have risen substantially.

We will be putting our hourly rate up from £20 per hour to £22 per hour with effect from 6th April 2014. It’s from that date to make doing the accounts a bit easier.

The “First two hours for £10” offer will not be affected.


Crash courses? Not right now sorry…

Because of the volume of work on our books right now, if you’re interested in doing a very intensive course, it’s unlikely that we can find space in the diary for the kind of hours you’d need to put in. If you’re thinking of doing an intensive course, there are many driving schools, often struggling solo instructors, who would value your custom.


contact form terms and conditions

The contact form on these pages is intended as a means for potential and existing clients of Paul Sharp School of Motoring to get in touch with us.

You do not have permission to use this form as a means of trying to sell us your goods or services. If you do so, you agree to pay us the sum of £100 each time you use it.

January figures…

In January, Paul Sharp School of Motoring’s pass rate met the national average. Six tests took place. Three passes, three fails. We’re disappointed, not in our pupils, but in not exceeding the average.