Another success story. This is Kate from Bromborough. Kate struggled with nerves right through towards the end of her training, and was very nervous on the day of her test. This was affecting her driving to a point where I had to stop the lesson for a little while, just to give her some breathing room. If you’re nervous, it affects your control of the car, and tends to make you try to rush things. Not what you want when you’re about to do a driving test.

So we parked up, and had a bit of downtime. Just chilled. I cleaned some tenacious bird poo off the windscreen that the wipers and squirters had failed to get rid of. She had a drink of coffee that she’d brought with her. We went over a few ideas in a calm and relaxed environment, then I got her to the test centre fairly close to test time, so that she wouldn’t be sitting brooding for too long.

Kate was helped by the fact that she got an examiner who was friendly and talkative. She relaxed. And so, despite the poor pre-test lesson, to her surprise, and mine too if I’m honest, she got the nod. As you can see, she’s delighted, not just with passing, but with the fact that she’ll never have to do this again!

Congratulations Kate. You were a lovely person to teach, and I’m proud of how well you did, despite the nerves.


Gary from Hoylake, who today passed his test. Gary already had a number of years driving under his belt, so my job was to just knock off a few rough edges and stop the sort of bad habits that lead to faults on your test. Easy as pie! A handful of lessons and a straightforward first time pass. Congratulations to him. It will make his life much easier now that he’s not relying on other people to get to work.


A first time pass, with just three minor faults. I sat in on this one, and Seamus had milk floats, bicycles and horses to deal with. No matter. He was well up to the mark.

We were able to give Seamus a lot of help and advice about the theory test. He’s dyslexic, and we were able to help make sure he got the extra help that is available. In his case, listening to the questions and answers through headphones was what made the difference. If you have any issues such that may affect your ability to pass the theory test, perhaps we can help you.


Busy times for Kayleigh! She got a new job, but that was contingent upon her passing her driving test.

No pressure then… It’s no surprise that she was nervous.

Kayleigh lives in Wallasey, but she did her test at Upton, because the waiting lists are generally a little bit shorter there. Her examiner was a nice gentle, softly spoken chap, and that helped a lot. A pass. A good pass with just a handful of minor faults.

So this one was life changing, as they often are. I wish her every success in her new job, and on the road.

Two out of two this week :)

Well done to Jo, from Wallasey.

Jo drove an assured and confident drive along roads she wasn’t all that familiar with this morning to get a comfortable pass. I sat in on this one, and I felt things were going well. I couldn’t identify anything she did that would have merited a serious fault. So it proved.

Sam conquers the nerves!

Congratulations to Sam from Wallasey, who couldn’t believe it when the examiner told her she’d passed!

Sam got off to a bit of a shaky start, running over the kerb as she turned left out of the test centre, and went around the rest of her test convinced that she’d already failed. The examiiner though, took account of the fact that she was nervous, that it had happened right at the start, and that the rest of her driving was of a high standard. In a strange way, that early mishap allowed her to relax and get on with doing what she clearly knew how to do.

Never give up!

Congratulations to Ian!

The The happy chap above is Ian Richardson. He passed his test in rush hour traffic in Wallasey this morning.

“A capable and confident drive” is how the examiner put it as he handed Ian his pass certificate.

Ian will be straight in at the deep end, as he is being driven to Watford to pick up a car, before driving himself home. That time we spent on the M53 might just come in handy!

Helen does the business!

Helen Richards has proven to be a real asset to Paul Sharp School of Motoring. She’s brilliant with nervous pupils, and is getting results on test day. Over the last week or so, she’s had two first time passes. If you want to contact her directly, her number is 07964 387279.

Beth and Rupika…