How to start the process

To become an instructor, you must be a “fit and proper person”. This means that you must have fewer than six penalty points on your driving license, and your enhanced CRB check must not reveal anything that would make you seem unsuitable for the role.

The tests

1. Theory test

The first test is a theory test. If you passed your driving test within the last decade, you will be familiar with this, as it follows the same format of a multiple choice Q and A session, followed by a hazard perception test. The standard needed in both sections is rather higher than that required for a learner. When you apply to become an instructor, the DVSA send you a training pack that includes a book containing all the questions.

As part of your training, we can offer some help with the theory test, particularly with understanding how what they are looking for on the hazard perception test, but the more self motivated revision you do in your own time, the better your chance of passing. There are no limits to how often you can do your theory test, and the test costs £83. Once passed, you have two years to complete your other tests, otherwise you will need to start again.

2. Advanced driving test

The second test is an advanced driving test. It lasts for about an hour, and includes all of the reversing exercises, and motorway driving. You must demonstrate a high level of competence throughout. Quite right too! We believe that as an instructor, you should be teaching the best methods right from lesson one, and so, you will need to have a thorough and comprehensive understanding of how to drive to the very highest standards yourself. A lot of your training will be to develop you as a driver, so that you have the skills you need to pass on to your pupils. We want you to be able to hit the ground running!

You can take your advanced driving test up to three times. If you fail, you will need to wait until your theory test expires, then start the whole process again. The part two test costs £111, and would normally start and end at Upton test centre, although you can choose to do it elsewhere.

3. Teaching test

The third and final test is a teaching test, and it’s a role play exercise, with an examiner taking the part of a pupil. The whole test lasts for about an hour, and is split into two parts that are generally known as phase one and phase two. In phase one, you are teaching something new. In phase two, your pupil has done it before, but cannot necessarily do it well or properly. Most trainee instructors find the teaching test the most difficult to get through, and most of your training will be aimed at teaching you how to be able to teach. The examiner is unlikely to do what you’re trying to get them to do straight away – they want to see how you cope with the frustration and pressure when things don’t go the way you want. As with the driving test, you get three attempts, and if unsuccessful, you must start again. The part three test will cost you £111, and would normally start and finish at Upton test centre.

Please contact us for more information or to get started.

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