I’ve been putting learners on motorways for the last 13 years!


Well OK. That’s not strictly true. But by taking people out to the fast dual carriageways around Deeside Industrial areas and up onto the A55 between Flint and Queensferry, I’v been able to get my pupils onto something that’s a motorway in all but name.

Still, getting pupils from North Wirral to these places required a 2 hour session, most of which was driving on fast single carriageway roads.

The skills required to join a 70mph dual carriageway from a sliproad are the same as those needed to join a motorway. The same methods and concepts in forward planning, overtaking, lane discipline etc apply to both types of road.

So for me, the change in the law on the 4th of June that allowed qualified instructors to take learners onto motorways was not a quantum leap. It just made it easier and more convenient to get them to this type of road. I’ve always done motorway lessons for people that have already passed their test, and as long as I use a bit of common sense, and don’t take people that are far from ready, it’s not been a problem at all.

The biggest issue people tend to have is joining this sort of road. Some tips:

  • Get moving! Use the space on the slip road to get your speed up to.something like the traffic you’re trying to merge into.
  • Glance in your right hand mirror, not just once but several times, and also have a quick look over your shoulder before you move into lane one of the motorway. Using a signal is useful particularly if there’s other traffic around, but a signal doesn’t give you the right to go. It just tells other people what you want to do.
  • Be comfortable with using the full length of the sliproad to join. This gives you more time to find a safe space to move into, and also gives people already on the motorway time to see you and to help create that space.
  • If it really isn’t safe to join, but isn’t safe to stop, use the hard shoulder to give yourself more space and time. If you can neither stop nor go safely, that’s an emergency, and that’s what the hard shoulder is for.

If you’re interested in taking motorway lessons, whether you’ve passed your test or not, please do get in touch. They’re charged at the same rate as our ordinary lessons.

Hi Paul,
Really appreciate the driving session this afternoon. It certainly is more than 10 years since I’ve overtaken a lorry on the motorway so for me at least and thanks to your help a real sense of achievement.
Thanks again for your help

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