Motorway Lessons…

The rules are changing. From June the 4th, learner drivers will be able to drive on motorways. This has to be with a qualified instructor, and it has to be in a dual controlled car. These limitations are exactly what I’d have suggested, and I agree both with the changes in the rules, and with the limitations that go with those changes.

We would like to make sure you’re at a reasonable standard before you do motorway driving, so if we’ve not met you before, please be aware that if we feel it wouldn’t be safe to get onto the motorway, we may have to spend a bit of time making sure you had both the control, the understanding, and enough confidence to do it without scaring anyone.

These lessons will be charged at our normal rate. Ideally either a 90 minute or 2 hour session.

The M53 is a brilliant resource for people wanting to learn how to drive on motorways. It’s big and wide, with freeflowing junctions, and apart from rush hour, is quite lightly used. Until you get towards Ellesmere Port anyway.

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