Nervous about it? You’re not alone!

This is Lois, from Wallasey.
Lois had serious doubts about driving. She needed to, but didn’t think she’d be able to learn. She ended up coming to us for lessons because she’d searched online for “Lessons for nervous pupils”. She was originally taught by my colleague, Helen, but when Helen had to take a break from teaching for a month or two, she came to me, rather than go with a different school. Since I trained Helen, she got continuity in what and how she was being taught, and despite being nervous about meeting me, we got on really well, and after our first session, she had no further doubts. Lois passed on her second attempt. Those nerves meant she made one serious mistake on test day. She was unsure why she had failed, but after we took the same route on her next lesson, we were able to pinpoint exactly why she had picked up a serious fault – It wasn’t where she thought it had happened!
Lois passed comfortably after this. Her experience of doing a test before helped her to be a little bit calmer, although she didn’t eat anything on the morning of the test. Or sleep the night before.
Sound familiar?

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