Driving Theory Lessons

We have partnered with the Theory Test Pro website.


Anyone can use a limited version of this site, but as a Paul Sharp School of Motoring pupil, you can get access to the full site. It contains an extensive question set, and close to 50 practice hazard perception clips. It also allows us to monitor your progress, and to help you in areas where you’re struggling. This service is free to our pupils, but if you want or need more, we can do theory work in car.

The best advice we can give you about the theory test is…

Take it seriously! It’s not just common sense. Many of the questions you will be asked will require knowledge of the rules of the road. Knowing those rules will not only make it more likely that you will pass your test, they will help you to become a better driver too. The more self motivated revision you put in, the more your scores wlll improve.