Intensive Driving Lessons


If you’ve reached this page, perhaps via a google search, please accept our apologies. We cannot currently offer intensive courses. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to fit in anyone that wants to put in a lot of hours in a short space of time.

It takes on average over 40 hours of training to get from beginner to test standard. For most people, learning how to cope with the complexities of driving on Britain’s roads is one of the most demanding things they’ll ever do. Also, the Theory test and the Practical Driving test both have waiting lists.

Schools that offer to get you through in days create a false impression of how easy it is to learn, because they want your business. Intensive courses are best suited to people that have already passed their theory test, perhaps already have a driving test date, and ideally already have some driving experience. If you’re a beginner, who has not yet passed their theory test, expecting to pass in a couple of weeks with just a few hours tuition is unrealistic.