Lessons for Nervous Drivers

Nervous about driving?

You’re not alone! Lots of people find learning to drive to be scary.

Driving is a complicated thing to do. Paul breaks it down into pieces small enough for you to cope with.

Starting on empty straight roads, you will develop the control and the confidence you need to drive competently.

He’s infinitely patient, and offers a no-shout guarantee!

Please see our driving lesson prices for more details on pricing. Paul is based in Wallasey and will travel throughout the Wirral.


“Having gone from thinking I would never be able to drive, with Paul’s help I have just passed my driving test! His calm and encouraging approach meant that my confidence and ability grew in no time.” – Sally, Chester

“With Paul, I passed my test first time and I really enjoyed my lessons. Paul is laid back, friendly, and makes you feel confident about driving. Encourages to push yourself. He is very patient and doesn’t get frustrated when mistakes are made. – Max, Rock Ferry”

“I got through my test on Wednesday and am so happy to have been with Paul Sharp, he’s such a great instructor, really patient and genuinely a nice guy. Im really grateful and definitely recommend him to anyone. – Tom, Wallasey”;

“Paul Sharp built my confidence right from the start and got me learning at my own pace. It was great fun learning with him and I couldn’t have asked for a nicer instructor – James, Moreton”

“Big thanks to my amazing driving instructor Paul I wouldn’t of passed without him, his patience and encouragement was fantastic 🙂 – Lucy, Wallasey”;