Motorway Driving

The one area of normal driving that isn’t covered by the driving instruction syllabus is Motorway driving.

The government are considering changing the rules, but most people use the motorway network without the benefit of professional tuition.

Motorways are generally the safest roads, but there are real benefits to you if you take the time to learn the specific rules to motorway driving.

The motorway tuition curriculum covers the following elements:

  • Joining and leaving safely
  • Lane discipline and lane changing
  • Overtaking and forward planning
  • Breakdown procedure

Knowing this stuff could save your life.

Pass Plus Driving Lessons

The Pass Plus scheme is intended to give new drivers the chance to improve their basic skills and gain experience on the roads.

You’re far more likely to be involved in an accident in the first year of driving than after, so the government and insurance companies brought in this scheme to try to address this problem.

Many insurance companies offer discounts for new drivers who have completed the Pass Plus scheme. With insurance prices so high at the moment this can be a big help.

The Pass Plus Course

The course covers six areas over a minimum of six hours. The modules are:

Town and city driving, rural driving, driving in the dark, driving in bad weather, dual carriageways, and motorways.

We like to turn it into an adventure day.

Doing the pass-plus as a one day course means we have the time to get you driving on some interesting, challenging and beautiful roads.

Destinations include Snowdonia, The Lake District, The Peak District, and Shropshire, but if there’s somewhere in particular that you’d like to go, and if it’s possible, then we’re flexible!

If you choose to do it as a one day course, it will take place over seven hours with several breaks, and the price includes lunch.

That degree of intensity is not to everyone’s taste though, and we can also split the course up into smaller sessions.

Please see our driving lesson prices for more details on pricing. Paul is based in Wallasey and will travel throughout the Wirral.