Refresher Driving Lessons

Has it been a while since you last got behind the wheel? Have you had a bad experience that put you off driving?

Paul will listen to how you feel about driving, and start you off at an appropriate level.

This may mean starting you off on very quiet and straightforward roads. It may mean you taking the bull by the horns. You set the pace.

Generally, once you’ve learned, you never forget. It’s like riding a bike!

So it usually only takes one or a few lessons to get you back up and running again.

Pauil D, from Wallasey recently got in touch. He’d passed his test about 3-4 years ago, but had not driven since.

I drove us somewhere easy to start with but he finished his first lesson back by driving from Hooton to Wallasey on the M53 (we can do that kind of stuff if you’re a fully qualified pupil)

The next lesson, ended with Paul attempting some seriously challenging roads. With a bit of work, he was able to cope with them well. He’s up and running now as a driver. Two lessons was all it took.

Here’s what he had to say:

I was looking to get back into driving, 3.5 years after passing my test. Having a couple of lessons with Paul, I now feel confident enough to drive safely due to hispatience and calm manner.

Quite right too. He should be confident. He’s a good driver. All he needed was a few simple ideas.

Please see the driving lessons prices page for more details on pricing. Paul is based in Wallasey and will travel throughout the Wirral area.