Well done to Amy!

This one was a bit special!

Amy had been learning to drive for a long time, on and off. Despite the best efforts of all concerned, she just couldn’t reverse round corners. The exercise had become a scary and frustrating barrier to her progress, and she managed to wear out of 6 different instructors before she came to me.

Like those other instructors, I tried to teach her to reverse around corners by getting her to reverse around a corner, and quickly found that she just panicked. Another approach was required, so I got her to use an empty car park, and worked on her hand eye co-ordination, first forwards, then backwards. After a while she’d got the idea of looking where she wanted to go, and letting her hands and eyes work together.

We tried this on an actual junction, and it clicked. The look of joy and relief on Amy’s face when she realised that she could now do this was something that makes my job worth doing.

She passed at her first attempt, with just 3 minor faults.

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