You’d think only women were nervous…

So  many of my recent posts have been about people who were a) female, b) nervous

We do get males too! And yes, some of those are nervous as well, but it seems that our reputation is built upon giving people with little self belief what they need to become confident and competent drivers.

So congratulations to Dean, from Wallasey. I did something simple with Dean. I drew a line with “0” (never driven before) on one end and “100” (able to drive properly on your own) on the other. Then I wrote down a number (my honest appraisal of his ability) without letting him see it, and asked him where he thought he was on the scale. He put himself at somewhere around 35-40. I’d written 85. That vote of confidence made a big difference to him, and gave me an insight into his thoughts. Dean went on to get a first time pass, with only two minor faults.

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