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“Paul’s ability to understand what makes you tick is amazing. He quickly made me aware of my strong points and dealt with any areas of weakness with endless patience and good humour.
Initially I was really nervous but Paul managed to challenge and completely transform both my mind set and driving skills
Great teacher and nice guy – Thanks mate”
Paul H – Wallasey

“Paul has an excellent method of teaching. He gives you the opportunity to have a go and develop your driving in a safe environment without spoon feeding you all the way. A truly great way for anyone eager to get started down the path of learning to drive and ready to pass!”

Matthew, Wallasey

“Having gone from thinking I would never be able to drive, with Paul’s help I have just passed my driving test! His calm and encouraging approach meant that my confidence and ability grew in no time.”
Sally, Chester

“Paul is an amazing instructor. He gives useful constructive criticism, and his techniques really work! I passed first time in just a few months.”
Naomi, Wallasey.

“Thanks to paul i went from never being in a driving seat to a pass first time in 8 weeks its been an amazing 8 weeks the way he teachers is so simple but effective i will recommend him to anyone. As i said i might of drove the car but paul showed me how to do it. BIG THANKS AGAIN TO PAUL”
John, Wallasey

“Just want to say thank you so much Paul for getting me there, its been an adventure for me with the happiest of happy endings, you have been absolutely amazing, a great experience and everyone who reads this SPREAD THE WORD!!! Paul Sharp is a great instructor he is what it says on the tin…….one of the best….thanks again gonna miss yer!!!”
Elaine, Wallasey

“Thanks to Paul, I have passed my driving test. Paul has helped me become a more confident driver thanks to his patience and calm teaching. When I first started to learn to drive I was quite nervous. Thanks to Paul I now feel like I could drive anywhere.”
Kelly Ann, Bromborough

“Paul is an excellent instructor who is an expert in his field and who excels in developing confidence in his pupils. With many years’ experience he will take his pupil through the early stages of learning through to passing their test with ease and confidence. A sure recommendation!”
Sally, Birkenhead

“With Paul, I passed my test first time and I really enjoyed my lessons. Paul is laid back, friendly, and makes you feel confident about driving. Encourages to push yourself. He is very patient and doesn’t get frustrated when mistakes are made.”
Max, Rock Ferry

“I got through my test on Wednesday and am so happy to have been with Paul Sharp, he’s such a great instructor, really patient and genuinely a nice guy. Im really grateful and definitely recommend him to anyone.”
Tom, Wallasey

“Paul Sharp built my confidence right from the start and got me learning at my own pace. It was great fun learning with him and I couldn’t have asked for a nicer instructor.”
James, Moreton

“Big thanks to my amazing driving instructor Paul I wouldn’t of passed without him, his patience and encouragement was fantastic 🙂 ”
Lucy, Wallasey